Meet the Car Whisperer With a Talent For Raising the Dead 

It takes a discerning eye, a certain understanding of mechanics, and a ton of dedication to see the potential of an old car with a "for sale" sign on the side of the road. It's something photographer Rob Mandolene, who shoots all the product stills for, knows well: his life-long love affair with cars (“I’ve loved cars since birth and have wasted all my money on them.”) recently led him to start rebuild a soon-to-be babe of a w123 300 Mercedes wagon.  
This isn't his first time around the restoration block. “My first was in the early '90s. I was on my way to play tennis and spotted a black ’66 Chrysler New Yorker that deserved love.” So it appears love at first sight—the automotive kind, at least—is real. Later, he found a ’64 Mercedes 230 SL to bring back to life, and then a ’81 Mercedes wagon that he regrettably sold to his brother. “I realized that selling the first ’81 wagon was a mistake. I also knew my brother would never sell it back, so I decided to hunt for another that was worthy of restoration.”
The journey for Rob is just as good as the destination:  “There’s something satisfying about searching the world for obscure parts. The people you meet along the way are deliciously varied.” Cars can take you just about anywhere, it would seem. His precious Mercedes is currently being worked on, but we’ll be keeping tabs on its revival right here (and hoping to get at least one ride).