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Jack Spade for Coca-Cola: Celebrating 125 Years of Coca-Cola

Jack Spade has teamed up with the world’s most iconic beverage brand, Coca-Cola, to celebrate its 125th birthday. Marking 125 years since the first Coca-Cola was enjoyed on May 8, 1886, and inspired by the brand’s rich design and advertising heritage, Jack Spade is releasing a limited edition collection of totes, t-shirts, baseball caps, posters and iPhone covers on October 5th.

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The new Jack Spade collection takes its design cues from some of Coca-Cola’s most memorable campaign slogans. There is a quintessential Jack Spade tote, the Coal Bag, emblazoned with “It’s The Real Thing”, and produced in Coca-Cola’s classic red and white shading. 


Jack Spade – in conjunction with the Colby Poster Printing Company of Los Angeles – has also created a selection of posters (50 per print), replete with tag lines from 1932’s “Ice Cold Sunshine” and 1971’s “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke”. 


A trio of three t-shirts (300 per print) were also produced featuring some of the same iconic slogans and sounds of Coca-Cola.


A set of four limited edition tote bag designs (only 150 per print), featuring all American foods such as hot dogs, burgers and pretzels, makes a playful nod to Coca-Cola’s enduring role as the ultimate in refreshment.


Delving further back into Coke’s archives, Jack Spade has taken the interlocking letter c’s which originally featured in Coca-Cola merchandise from the 1910s, and repurposed them on a baseball cap, in a style reminiscent of that era. Only 150 caps have been designed and made as part of this limited run.


Completing the collection is an iPhone 4 cover, featuring the Coca-Cola logo that we all know and love today, which was first introduced on Coke cans back in 1966. The Harlequin-style, hard shell cover takes the classic logo and sits it next to the equally illustrious Jack Spade logo, including its signature “Jack Spade, Warren Street, New York” tag. 

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