NEW YORK STORIES: FALL 2016. A 33-year old chef, a 24-year-old writer and a 49-year-old artist walk into a bar. It's not a joke—it's fall in New York. A season we don't take lightly. (Wooly, maybe.) It's when the weather shifts over a few hours, when sunglasses and a sweater are the obvious choice, when it's all well and good to hang out on the stoop reading the paper until it suddenly isn't. That's when we head to our favorite bar—where the pool table's free and the whisky is interesting but not too interesting. And we run into characters like these. shop this look.
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Name: Zander Abranowicz. Hails from: Bedford, New York. Current neighborhood: Upper West Side, Manhattan. Age: 24. Occupation: Freelance travel writer and editorial consultant. Daily read: Monocle. Bar: The Dead Rabbit, Financial District. 'Upstairs.' Travel Recommendation: Athens
side gig: A book about the effects of the economic crisis in Greece, which he started during a fellowship in the country in his junior year at Cornell. 'My family are Grecophiles. I traveled around Greece for four months doing interviews with everyone from hermetic monks to kids who were self-styled fascists. It was going to be my thesis, but I decided to turn it into more of a travel narrative.' Pool proficiency: 'Low.' Thing a man should know: 'How to write a great hand-written thank you note.'
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Name: Ian Stell. Hails from: Upper West Side, Manhattan. Current neighborhood: Red Hook, Brooklyn. Age: 49. Occupation: Artist/designer. 'Designers think that I'm an artist, and artists think that I'm a designer.' Art fix: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART. 'What I really enjoy on a visceral level are the segues between collections. There's a back way from the Temple of Dendur to the American Colonial Wing and when you open the door you can feel the temperature change.' Bar: Fort Defiance, Red Hook. Pool proficiency: 'I could beat the pool shark out of complete luck until the final ball. And then I'd fall apart.' Thing a man should know: 'Basic command of a saw, hammer, chisel and screwdriver. By the way, that applies to a woman, too.'
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Name: Gerardo Gonzalez. Hails from: San Diego, California. Current neighborhood: South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Age: 33. Occupation: Cook. Previously of El Rey on the lower east side, he's working on a new restaurant that's set to open this fall.) Cooking style: 'Weird California food. Secretly healthy.' No thanks: 'I think I've earned my right to never make another kale salad again in my life.' Locals: Russ & Daughters, B&H Restaurant, Misson Chinese Food, Estela. 'I keep it below 14th street.' Bar: Spain, West Village. 'it's the diviest bar ever: basement level, been there forever, bartenders a little advanced in age and on the grumpier side all wearing white shirts and red vests.' Pool proficiency: 'I'm a pool shark waiting to happen.' Thing a man should know: 'How to be courteous.'