It started in the loft Andy Spade shared with his wife Kate on Warren Street in lower Manhattan. The idea was simple: to make bags that were neither overly precious nor boring basics. They believed that bags could be both utilitarian and stylish. They began by making messenger bags out of waxed cotton and heavy canvas. The design was straightforward and functional. The materials were timeless and long-lasting. For feedback on durability, it occurred to them to sell the bags to people who use utility bags in their work. The first JACK SPADE bag was sold to a hardware store in 1997. In 1999, JACK SPADE opened their first store at 56 Greene Street in SoHo. The concept was travel bags, trench coats and general merchandise. It was a modern haberdashery mixing found furniture, model rockets, vintage Playboys and classic products: Levi's 501 jeans, Timex military watches, Lacoste tennis shirts and Mackintosh raincoats. Over time, JACK SPADE took their reputation for well-made, functional and stylish products and applied it to clothing. They returned to the aesthetic of simple, purposeful design and sourced the best materials that improve with age and gain character with time, just like their bags.