Gallagher Brushed Hat $88, Bonded Trench $598, and Waxwear Computer Field Bag $378

Conway Primary Hands Watch $298, Hodges Rugby Stripe Shirt $148,

BT-02 Slim Selvage Denim (4-Year Wash) $298, Bristol Leather Barrel Duffle $698

Micro-Houndstooth Benton Suit Jacket $698 and Pants $298,

Solid Bradford Spread-Collar Shirt $168

Dipped Leather Credit Card Holder $78 and Dipped Leather Portfolio $198

Spencer Crewneck Sweater $148 and Dixon Slim Chino $178

Bristol Leather Charter Brief $548

Harper Herringbone Blazer $598, Robbins Band-Collar Oxford Shirt $148, Fulton Leather Darrow Brief $528,

BT-02 Slim Selvage Denim (4-Year Wash) $298, and Hook + Albert Lapel Flower $30

Barton Topcoat $798, BT-02 Slim Selvage Denim (4-Year Wash) $298, Solid Bradford Spread-Collar Shirt $168,

and Dipped Leather Slim Brief $498

Herringbone Varsity Jacket $498 and Collins Sunglasses $168

Spencer Crewneck Sweater $148

Utility reigns supreme in New York because there simply isn’t room for anything else. If an item
doesn’t do its job well and without complaint, it doesn’t deserve to be taking up precious closet space.
But utility is not enough. The city is a stage. You never know who may be in the audience, so
a little style and sophistication are essential.

JACK SPADE was founded in 1996 in a loft on Warren Street with the idea that useful items
could be both utilitarian and stylish. Living in downtown Manhattan, with space at a
premium, everything we owned needed to serve a purpose — or even better, multiple purposes.
We couldn’t find the kinds of products we had in mind. So we decided to make them.

We began with bags. They were fashionable and functional, designed for city life but appreciated by men
everywhere who refuse to choose between something that looks good and works well. Accessories
followed. Then a full line of clothing. We soon outgrew the loft on Warren Street, but we still challenge
ourselves today to create the kinds of simple, iconic products that would make sense there.

The city is our home, but also our inspiration.